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AGK is The Main Main Character of The Series. He is known To Rage at Games and Viruses, and even his enemies. He uses his keyboard in some battles, and dislikes Nazi's making Hitler wanna destroy The Kid.

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Although being a simple kid, he believed he lived in a simulation way before anyone else. Once Weegee confirmed the theory that it's true, he no longer had a fear to having to believe. After the death of Lucas, he wanted to train with Crazy Dave. He wanted to make the villains fear him.


  • Crazy Fact: He Likes Liquor, But Drinks It Wisely
  • Crazy Fact #2: He hates Icecream, which makes Icecream Man very annoyed. This fact is generally true as he refused to drink a milkshake as well.
  • Crazy Fact #3: He wanted to be a co-leader of the Mushroomverse.
  • Crazy Fact #4: He usually puts himself in danger to safe others.
  • Crazy Fact #5: He can be sort of irresponsible. In (S02E15) of AGK Adventures, he drove a car and almost killed everyone.

Facts (continued)

He destroys keyboards. He also has a Bomb Keyboard he used on Waluigi & Arthur.exe. He struggles against Ronald McDonald. He couldn't actually beat him. He wasted a Gravity Block to push him far away. He also remembered what Robert Loggia said about the City 01819. He is a true hero, and when someone is in danger he'll help. When Weegee & Aaron were defeated by Error Weegee, AGK joined in to help stop Error Weegee. He looks out for his friends, one being Francis.

His favorite game ended up being Perfect Balance. His favorite candy is also a Kit Kat Bar. He also isn't in a bad mood when it comes to helping friends. He was woken up by Eggbert and Stanley Jones, and he actually seemed fine about it. He is a caring brother when it comes to Leonidas. He always saves him. One such person he saved him from is Michael Myers.

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After getting a Super Star, he looked like this. He then had a perfect chance against Jojo & Icecream Man. He just touched Jojo, and he fell off a cliff. He realized that he can now host over Icecream Man. He touched Icecream Man in his dream and defeated him.

Weegee gave him the power to fly. He used this flying ability for the first time against Angry Sun. He is known to be so generous, he lets anybody live at his house. When it comes to battles, he's smart with it. During Meegee's Tournament, he would use a Bomb Keyboard to bomb his side to push him back up. The boost was so strong, it pushed him to smack/punch Stevegee off the battlefield. His generosity always wins since he was even going as far as to help a slave even if it would put him in danger.

AGK 2.0?

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AGK seems to look different this time. He now wears a different shirt. He wears it after a shower. Yeah seems normal, but it's odd his arm is different with this shirt. It seems it's very rare for him to wear a white shirt, since alot are blue.

Losing Family

He deeply cares for his family, unless being his father Harold or Leonard. He was willing to play a scary game to keep Leorich alive, kind of. He has one brother who died, and he can't only talk to him in dreams. Seeing his brother Harry die too, also seemed to scar him very badly. He cried begging him to come back.

He dealt with depression due to mainly Harold. Mary divorced Harold making it worse. Hitler forced Harold to abuse AGK. Jake Randolf phoned AGK but AGK couldn't make it in time to save him. He randomly gained superpowers and shocked Kareeo with it. This is a gift he randomly gotten by life itself. At first he didn't understand how his powers work. His easy ones at first were speed and Bomb Keyboard. Thanks to Crazy Dave, he taught him how to become a strong person.

Becoming Powerful

After discussing with Xinny, Mushroomverse plans, Giganeegee tries to assassinate Xinny. AGK is confused and realizes he lost another friend. He decides to fight Giganeegee. Quickly, he realizes his power is very close to Giganeegee, but he also makes a good partnership with Xinny. He has to rely on instinct, which he seemed to have mastered. They both work together and blast Giganeegee's powers back at him. He next wants to find out what happened to him, so he goes on an adventure. In Duckton Planet, he sees a dream machine. He decides he will enter Behind The Dream Realm. However, instead he's sent to just the Dream Realm.

He appears in a room, sitting on a bed. When he leaves the room, he's quickly met with the Eyespecies. Bleye tries to chase and trick AGK's vision but is quickly blasted with a Power Blast. He has to fight many more upcoming, and he has to rely on his instinct power to keep him protected. He starts to discover secrets of the Simulation, and what happened to Giganeegee.

Angry German Kid

On the front of his shirt is a triangle. It made Error Weegee believe when he first met him, he joined their team long ago. AGK played along until he walked away and shot him in the head.

AGK stands for Angry German Kid. The series calls him AGK, but the characters call him Leopold. The Eyeball is the first character to call him Angry German Kid. Eyeball knows who he really is, his race, who he is, etc. He watches people. Usually villains are no issue for him as well. His insane strong powers manages to kill or damage a villain without remorse. However, some villains now start to over power him. The first example is Mecha Luigi. When Mecha Luigi blasts at him, AGK blasts a Poof Ball to knock the blast back at him. When the power from Mecha Luigi hits him back, nothing happens.

So AGK decides to try a Power Blast, and it still fails. It goes right through him. AGK still wins, but from the use of the Bullet Bills being blasted at him. Later, he discovers Roger Eric. He is chased by him all throughout Backrooms (Level 6). He even tries to Power Blast him, but this time, Roger Eric stops it from even powering up. Afterwards in anger, Roger Eric flinged AGK to hit his back on a wall.


This is AGK's dead body after being eaten by Roger Eric. Part of his arm was bitten off, and his face was also bitten off. Commonly, AGK saw this as a halluciation in Backrooms (Level 6).

Eventually, the chase has gotten too much for AGK, and Roger Eric catches up. He smacks down AGK, and then grabs him by the neck lifting him up. He bites off his face, and even a part of arm, dropping him back on the floor when he's finished. AGK dies. Except, he comes back. Due to him eating a 1-up back in season 1 of AGK Adventures, he got an extra life. He gets up, but Light Leopold also appears, shining from through him. Both together blast a stronger Power Blast and kill Roger Eric.

But just like AGK, Roger Eric comes back. They fight once again. But this time, AGK decides to plot a strategy. Similar to what he did at first to Mecha Luigi, he blasts a Poof Ball at a strong attack Roger Eric was gonna use. The strong attack explodes his head, and Roger Eric dies again.

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AGK's Halloween Costume