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Leonidas is The Brother of Leonard and AGK. He works at Leonidas. Yes, a place with his name. He is the craziest brother, and when he does something bad, he doesn't realize it. He pranks Leonard, well... if you can consider them pranks. He can easily be scared by things, and then runs away screaming.

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He broke one of Leonard's computers because he was bored once. He also destroyed AGK keyboard for no reason. His tallness comes in handy and makes him an adult-like person. AGK noticed, so he sent him to get drinks from George once. He one time took a random pill that made him crazy in front of George.

When Aaron insulted him, he said he didn't have energy to insult him back. When he doesn't get what he wants, he goes crazy. He wanted a Kit Kat Bar that wasn't his. He nearly did have it but Aaron had scared him to drop it. He barged into AGK room begging for the candy, and AGK still denied. He then used a Mega Mushroom, but a doorbell saved AGK. After AGK ate the candy, Leonidas screamed in sadness starring at the ceiling. He did the same to Leonard, as Leonard bought a Krabby Patty. Leonidas tried stealing it from him.

He can get car sick easily. After saying that to whoever it was, Jacob clearly asked for drama from him. He said "don't throw up on me, Mario fan". It turns Leonidas is a big fan of Mario and considers him the best character of all time.

Twitter: L30N1D42


Leonidas Slikk's weird dream

Featuring Weegee and No Face

He had a weird dream about No Face. In the dream, he goes on Twitter and calls No Face a nerd. They end up having a weird battle. Leonidas had a pet dragon. The dragon shot lasers at No Face. Then a random gun showed, and it went in circles. It somehow punched No Face instead of shooting him. Then Weegee showed up in Red Weegee. Weegee sent No Face on fire, and then Leonidas woke up.


One night he started to act normal out of nowhere. It first started when Leonard was getting mad at him for making noises, and after he falls off the bed, he tells Leonard to stop being a jerk but in such a different way. Things started to get creepy and he tried to be serious as possible.

He was secretly friends with Ashley & Olivia, and they all had a hideout in an underground treehouse. AGK discovered it, and also discovered what Leonidas is about. He claims he acts stupid to trick society, claiming it's full of corruption, hate, crime, bullying, and how kids grow up as "mistakes" in the modern day. He said one day he'll show the Megaverse who's boss.

Loyal Brother

He is a loyal brother to AGK. When AGK was in his attic he missed a phone call from Dan Mandel. Dan Mandel was threatening him and was extremely angry for being on hold. After the phone call ended he stated his name was Dan. Leonidas assumed this was Dan, so he wanted to attack Dan. He took Leonard with him, and they messed with his house. At the front door, they put a whoopy cushion on the floor.




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