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Leonard Slikk is AGK's Younger Brother. He doesn't get along with him at all. He pranks him too much, to the point that when he tells the truth, AGK doesn't believe him. When someone does something to him, he puts half the blame on his brother AGK.

Leonard Slikk (Atarster).png

He's usually more angry than AGK. He doesn't care about his brothers. When Leonidas was missing, he was very focused on a computer that went missing instead. He's a big fan of Luigi. Aaron had bothered and scared him alot, that Leonard threw a Bomb Keyboard at him. It actually missed. He went to hide in a box but Aaron still found him, so he threw the box onto his head.

After alot of his pranks, both Leorich and AGK had beat him up. Leorich actually enjoyed it and laughed. Leonard also got Gary Brolsma to sing Numa Numa to bother AGK. AGK sent him right home though. He also doesn't prank just his brother, he pranks Ronald too. When AGK had to babysit, Leonard took advantage. He right away forced AGK to make him a sandwich. AGK threw a Krabby Patty at him, so Leonard asked for another. Then it turns out he never wanted a sandwich, he just wasted AGK's time. He lastly annoyed AGK by locking himself into one of AGK's rooms. He likes Fortnite, and Leonidas hates it. His big fear is small places.

Is He Loyal?

It's unknown if he's loyal. In Real Episode 3, Season 1, he helps Leonidas attack Dan's house over a strange phone call where AGK is threatened. However, his character is known to be revengeful, and likes to bully people. As in Episode 28, Season 1, he threatens to make Pete his slave. Even if he's not loyal, AGK is loyal to him. He saved him from being shot to death by Roxx.

The Old Design

Snapshot 487.png

He used to look different in the series. This started in episode 8, and ended in episode 21. He used to have a light green Luigi hat. This was mainly due to green screening. The hat had been affected a slight bit by it. It had to be fixed. It also shows the outline cuts of the character. This look did remain in the Season 1 intro.


No Hat