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Lebron James is another villain, that once worked for Hitler. He has plasma power, 3 types actually, and they all do interesting attacks. Once Hitler Got Him To His Third Form, He Betrayed Him. Lebron James is the second character to damage Weegee. Finally, in episode 11, he was killed.


White-Teleports You To A Random Area

Blue/Purple- Just explodes and drains your stamina and health



This also results in some forms he trained to get to because Weegee is too powerful against him. His 2nd form has a bit of an blue/purple outline around him. His color also darks in blue/purple a bit too. With this form, he can teleport, and steal Weegee attacks and use them. He even has laser eyes. His 3rd form is the final and strongest of his. He turns completely dark black, and any damage at him, only 1/4 goes through. He can even use the force to pick up his enemies. He also attacked Gary Brolsma with Weegee's powers. He also ruined Dan's party.

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