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Krebs is another worker for Hitler. He also used to be scared of him.

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He really likes fish... actually you can consider him a fish pervert. He said he'd be friends with Lebron James if he liked fish. He revives Hitler. Which is enough proof he is not wanting to be known as a nice guy. He also spies on people, and has many characters on a Wanted List. The list shows, AGK, Dan, Stick Steve, Weegee, George, Blippi, Wall Nut, and Whispering Squash. He is adding 3 more: Casey, Kaeru, and Freddie Mercury. He also went after Harry, but after going missing, he tracks Kaeru. He convinces Hitler to go after Kaeru while at it.

He is a messed up person. His team kills disordered people. He noticed it from Goebbels so he reminds Hitler about it. Krebs is also obsessed with killing Harry. When Eggbert prank called Hitler, he ran up nervously. It was as if he knew and expected this. The fingers are pointing at Krebs, because he most likely spied on AGK while he told Eggbert. He had helped with planning out Keitel killing AGK. He made Harold's boss keep him at work til 3am.

Deal Or No Deal

He made a deal with AGK. He wanted Waluigi to him, so he was gonna spare AGK if AGK would bring him. AGK lied and said he was at McDonalds. Then he jumped out of the plane to Waluigi. Waluigi bombed the plane. The issue is, Krebs is alot stronger than you think he is. He survived the bomb attack.

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