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In the photo shows Negative Mario missing his blast at AGK.

This is another commonly used power in the series. In season 1, it was first used by AGK to battle Waluigi. It was introduced in season 2, first used by Stick Steve. It was second used by Iceegee. This power is used in many ways. Iceegee blasted it out of his eyes. Xinny was the third to use it, and out of his mouth. It was fourth used by Giganeegee, and blasted out of a portal. It was fifth used by Coldgee, to freeze Scan's head. Just like Iceegee's way, Coldgee blasted out of his eyes.

Villains Use It Too

Cone Head was the first villain to use it. It was used to paralyze AGK. Ian was the first villain to use it in Season 2. He blasted it out of his finger. It was majorly used by Negative Mario. He blasted it 3 times towards AGK, but they all failed. He tried it a fourth time, but still failed cause of Obunga hitting his back. The fifth time used by him, was out of fear. This time it worked. It blasted away Marvio.