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KKK Member 1

KKK Members are racists who like slavery and fought in a Trolliverse war to keep it. It seems Mario 318 lead this team to hopefully succeed. They brought tanks, giant guns, boxes, Arrow Bot, and flames. They could have won because they are a species that right away out numbered everyone else. The good people fighting in the Trolliverse war split into small teams. Weegee, Fire Mario, Sean Turner, Raingee, and Kanian were one team, while Doomguy, Luigi, and Mario were another.

KKK Member 2

Weegee, Fire Mario, Sean Turner, Raingee, and Kanian did not have proper equipment. They had mini guns and boxes. Weegee already sacrificed his gun against Arrow Bot. No one else but Weegee and Sean Turner brought guns. Kanian even stated that they were completely defenseless. Fire Mario used blasts and strength to take out a few. He threw a box which killed two. They used Arrow Bot's arm to slice one. One point in, Weegee even got shot and was knocked to the ground. Raingee was a different story as he was pulling the team behind at first. He kept saying he didn't wanna kill anyone and brought a stop sign to see if that would stop them. It didn't, and one tank was gonna blast right at him. Fire Mario luckily stopped him, and Weegee blew up the tank. Raingee then punished one of them with thunder and lightning. Finally it comes to the final one, the KKK Member Leader, which he states if he is striked down he will come back more powerful. Raingee stabs him with the stop sign, and they successfully win their side of the war.

KKK Leader

Doomguy, Luigi, and Mario fought against more members on a snowy mountain. They however were more prepared, but so were the KKK Members. Luigi shot two and they slided down the mountain. Quickly it was noticed, the KKK Members did not bring enough material. Two were already doomed to fail against Doomguy. They however had missles but kept missing. They also rolled down an Eris Ball to crush Luigi, but Mario caught it, and launched it at the last two members including the next KKK Member Leader. Mario 318 witnessed this event and in fright fleed.

Each Member

The species is split into 3 members. KKK Member 1, KKK Member 2, and KKK Member Leader. KKK Member 1 is the most common, and has an upside down cross which symbols bad. KKK Member 2 has a plus sign on their shirt which may symbol their way of saying they are the good people. KKK Member Leader unlike the others in white clothes, they are in red. They lead an amount of KKK Members.