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Jojo is a killer with an axe. He does ASMR and kills and that's rather it. This guy is literally an ASMRtist on YT, search him up!

Channel: Jojo's ASMR

He one time disturbed Icecream Man's virus on Leonard. He instead changed the music, and blared it. Jojo then found Leonidas. Jojo gave Aaron a hard time in (S01E08) AGK Adventures, and he even survived Aaron's blasts. He even almost killed Leonidas. He tried to break into Dan's house, but Whispering Squash caught him by the window and ended him. Finally he died. He often throws his axe at people and misses on purpose. He did it to AGK to scare him away, and twice to Aaron to make him angry. He now lives in Hell. He was also punished by Eyereez.


He was able to return, because he can taunt in dreams. He tried to kill AGK, Ronald, Kaeru, and Stanley Jones in a dream. He chased after them. He even throw/exploded Pee Pee towards Arthur.exe. He also at one point chased Kaeru alone. AGK threw a Bomb Keyboard at him. Even though he is dead, he still bothers AGK on his computer, and even though he's a killer, AGK sleeps to his ASMR.


No way was he a villain. He was an ASMR YouTuber and supported everyone. Something caused his villainous ways. His DNA contained a Mood Mushroom. Professer E Gadd went to Hell to cure him. After this, Jojo was set free to explore the world and live his life again.