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He's known as the video game nerd. He's always in a bit of an angry mood, cause random stuff always happens to him. Lots of times he's bothered by Gnome, and crushed by Thwomp. He owns every game to ever exist, so Sonic.exe tried to make him part of his cult. His command was to kill AGK. Instead he decided to participate and help AGK. He has no chill with people who annoy him. He doesn't like board games. When Harold played one with him, he lost it and needed beer.

Heads Up

He willingly helped get rid of the pigs that went after the birds. He was also chill with Isabella being in the house. He has been studying Sonic.exe and Layla on what they do and stuff like that. He told Isabella to stay in the basement. He claimed they were the most wanted criminals in the Megaverse. He was even right about there being many wanted posters everywhere.



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