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She is a demon that escaped Hell through an elevator. Her way to get into the elevator was to lie to Eyereez, and say she was gonna clean it. Her bloody eyes were caused by Eyereez. She attacked many of the city folks, and doing it while giving a smile. She attacked George, because George said to pay for Whiskey. She likes Dan. No, she REALLY likes him. She made a voodoo doll of him and herself. She was defeated by Weegee, after he punched back her powers at her.


She quickly changed her actions. She apologized for being weird to Dan, and attacking AGK. She joined the crew, and is now dating Dan. She explained about Savanna a little while at it. Mainly her YouTube channel. Scarlett was completely forgotten about to her as well. It may be going to fast with Dan. She hid in a closet with him, and tried to well... score. Oddly Andy was in the closet too, so he came up and just said a useless fact about saving with Geico.