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It's a Must Happen is the second episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. This episode expands on the "Zombie Slashers" that was mentioned before at the very end of the last episode.

Chronologically, it saw the first appearances of Bomb, Fire Mario, Lego Mario, Ronald McDonald, Squidward, and Mr Krabs; all of whom appear later in the Franchise.


Lego Mario and Fire Mario stop at McDonald's. It doesn't go well.


(#1) McDonald's

Ronald McDonald stands in front of McDonald's. A bird named Bomb walks up to him and asks if the food is healthy. Ronald McDonald says yes, and claims that you lose pounds from eating here. However, Bomb notices that Ronald McDonald himself is chubby. According to himself, he should be eating at his own place. However, Ronald McDonald claims that by law, whoever owns a fast food restaurant can't actually eat there. Then, two Geralds come to the place by car, being Gerald 1 and 3. They ask Ronald where to park their car, and he says to just leave it right there. But then, Gerald 2 drives and crashes into their car. Gerald 1 and 3 get angry, but Ronald McDonald quickly stops the argument and offers for all of them to eat some fast food.

Just your average day at McDonald's.

A guy named Mini Wario comes and asks Ronald McDonald if the McDonald's Sign is free. Ronald McDonald says no, and that it costs a million dollars. Mini Wario then tries to argue that "this is a frickin' lie" because it says billions served, and that everyone in the whole entire world "is at this sign." Then, the McDonald's Sign falls down by itself. Mini Wario decides that this is his chance, and takes the sign. Ronald McDonald didn't chase after him, and the Geralds wonder what just happened. With that, Bomb goes in. The Geralds try to go in, but Gerald 2 accidentally runs over Gerald 1 and 3. Despite this, they get up and go anyway. Gerald 1 stands in the window, and Gerald 3 decides to cannon-ball in the place, hitting Gerald 1. Gerald 2 decides not to go in because he doesn't like to eat at fast food restaurants. As he is leaving, Ronald McDonald says that he will visit him tonight. Gerald 2 comes back to ask him what he just said, and Ronald McDonald says he said nothing. When Gerald 2 leaves, Ronald McDonald suddenly says to himself in a deeper voice, "you've made a terrible mistake."

(#2) Their Arrival

Suddenly, a red car hits Ronald McDonald. One of them tells the other to watch where he's going next time, and questions why the car's stopping at McDonald's if Crazy Dave needs them. The other replies that they're hungry, and wants something to eat. Ronald McDonald walks up to the car and angrily tells them to watch where they're going, but then the car bumps Ronald McDonald again, either on accident or on purpose. Meanwhile, Bomb is ordering food inside. The car parks in front of the building. It's revealed that the people in the car are Lego Mario and Fire Mario, the ones that Crazy Dave called. They noticed that the restaurant looks like crap, and is very small. Lego Mario finds this a bit rare since he thinks Ronald McDonald is in the Illuminati. Fire Mario calls his imagination weird, and they enter the restaurant. They bump into Bomb trying to move. Bomb then changes his mind about eating here, and leaves.

Fire Mario, talking with Squidward.

It turns out that Squidward is the cashier. Lego Mario noticed that his nose has gotten bigger. This is because he took some pills, but now everyone wants to suck it. Fire Mario wants 500 Big Macs, which Lego Mario got surprised by. Squidward claims that the more you order, the more you become less fat. So apparently, if Fire Mario orders 80 million of them, he can become so light that he could go the speed of light. When asked how Sonic didn't use this trick, Squidward said "who the hell wants to eat that many burgers," adding that one would probably vomit. Fire Mario then wants 800 Big Macs, but Lego Mario said that they don't have the money for that. Suddenly, Mr Krabs comes at the sound of that word. Squidward tells him to get out of here, but Mr Krabs is excited at the thought of getting money. Speaking of that, Squidward checks the cash register, and tells the two that 800 Big Macs cost 1 billion dollars.

Lego Mario gets annoyed at Fire Mario because he doesn't have that much. They then opt to take two Big Macs each instead. Mr Krabs gets angry and tells them to get out of the restaurant, probably because he's disappointed about him not getting that much money. Ronald McDonald hears the arguing, and claims that by restaurant policy, you can order 5 Big Macs. However, the sign said to order 1 Big Mac, so Ronald McDonald changed his mind. They want 2 Big Macs each, but Ronald McDonald keeps messing up the order for a second. Ronald eventually gets it right, and tells Squidward and Mr Krabs to serve them, otherwise they're both fired. And so, the restaurant receives the money, and Squidward claims that the food is now teleported to their car due to futuristic technology that is being kept a secret. Fire Mario and Lego Mario notice the two Geralds laying down on the floor, seemingly dead. Mr Krabs decides that he can steal their money. Fire Mario and Lego Mario get ready to leave.

(#3) Chased

Fire Mario and Lego Mario, about to run away from Ronald McDonald.

Fire Mario and Lego Mario both agree that it was the weirdest McDonald's they've ever been to. They also think they got scammed, because all Squidward did was touch the cash register. Fire Mario thinks Ronald McDonald is a bit weird, but Ronald McDonald confronts them about it. They deny ever saying that, and claimed they were talking about how good the restaurant was. Ronald McDonald offered to give a hug. Lego Mario is claustrophobic, but Fire Mario forces him to get a hug. After that, Ronald McDonald exclaimed that he likes hugs. Fire Mario asks if he hugs little kids, and Ronald McDonald said yeah, "all the time." They get creeped out and try to get in the car, but Ronald suddenly blocks the door. Ronald wants them to hug him again. They ask him why, when Gerald 2 arrives in the scene, ready to order. Ronald gets happy and says that he made it. Fire Mario says thanks for the distraction out loud, and Gerald 2 says no problem. Fire Mario and Lego Mario quickly gets in the car.

However, the car eventually runs out of gas. It seems that Fire Mario forgot to refill the tank. He suggests that they should call either Progressive or Geico on the matter. But then, Ronald McDonald catches up to them. He asks them if they are hungry for more. Fire Mario and Lego Mario become scared, as Ronald McDonald says that they have to keep eating, even if they aren't hungry. It turns out that Ronald McDonald was the one who messed with the car, as the car was supposed to be fast. The two attempt to run, but then they get grabbed with a string. Lego Mario thinks the two "dead bodies" were caused by Ronald McDonald, but Ronald McDonald claims that he doesn't know about that. And so, they both get shoved in the restaurant, behind the cash register. Squidward freaks out, pleading with Ronald to not feed the zombie. Ronald McDonald says that "it's the only way we won't die." It turns out that Ronald McDonald made a deal with the Zombie Force. If Hike Zombie eats Fire Mario and Lego Mario's brains, then Ronald McDonald and Squidward can live. That's the true reason why Ronald McDonald forced them to come back to the restaurant.

(#4) Zombie Slashers

They try to escape the cash register with Hike Zombie in it, but Ronald McDonald throws them back. Squidward and Ronald McDonald leave the restaurant, leaving Fire Mario and Lego Mario to die. Fire Mario tries to convince Hike Zombie to eat the "dead bodies," but he doesn't like rotten brains. Fire Mario then says that they're probably sleeping instead, but Hike Zombie heard that if he eats a brain while it's sleeping, he gets diabetes. Hike Zombie lunged at Fire Mario, but he escaped his grasp. He then exploded Hike Zombie, defeating him. Gerald 1 and 3 finally gets off the floor, impressed at how Fire Mario defeated that zombie just now. It turns out that the Geralds already heard that there was a zombie in here, so the two sorta faked their death. As for Gerald 2, he helped somewhat with his distraction.

The two Geralds meeting Fire Mario.

The Geralds tell Fire Mario and Lego Mario that they should join the team. The Geralds mention that they are a part of a Zombie Team, which is an army that fights the Zombie Force. The zombies are back for the humans, and by extension, Crazy Dave. At first, everybody there hated Fire Mario and Lego Mario, so they couldn't join, but now they can. The Geralds can allow them there. The two receive their names and the phone number. Gerald 3 says he can remember it. Gerald 1 questions that, citing that he couldn't remember a time where they did something. Everyone decides that it's whatever, and leaves the restaurant.

(#5) A Zombie's Epilogue

Bright Yeti, and two other zombies, talking.

Some zombies are hanging around in front of a box, including Bright Yeti. Bright Yeti said he got some zombies to surround the place, possibly referring to the Dump House. He then gets surprised that Buckethead is here with him, because he was supposed to be guarding the place around Crazy Dave's house, too. Turns out that Buckethead got bored. Bright Yeti gets baffled by this, because everyone has to do their jobs in order to get brains, and to get paid. For example, Bright Yeti keeps an eye on things, and by his words, "make things happen." Zack Max then talks to Bright Yeti, asking him who he is. Bright Yeti asks him who he is, but Zack Max says he is asking HIM. He also asks how it is possible that he's a Yeti and a Zombie. Bright Yeti says he doesn't know, attempts to change the subject, but forgets what he was about to say. The zombies then decide to check out what's inside the box. The other zombie sees that there are a bunch of spiders in it. Other than that, he doesn't find a reason why the other zombies can't get in, so the two go in. They find out that someone's been pooping in here.