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How he was introduced in AGK Adventures is weird, cause not much was even explained about him from the first episode he appeared on. He was just in the background during the IlluminaGee meeting about the Trolliverse war. How he was introduced in the origins however are crazier. He was once the Trolliverse's leader. He was sort of seen has a bad leader due to slavery not being banned thanks to what Mario 318 did. However, he is making sure Mario 318 can be caught for his actions. Note, he is a Bloondid.

Catching Mario 318

Thanks to IlluminaGee and the help of Geemina, he caught Mario 318. He has a few interesting powers he revealed when he battled Mario 318. The yellow ball on his hat blasts giant power. His eyes can shoot lasers that make certain items disappear. When Mario 318 went to roll an Eris ball at him, he blasted it away. His obvious ability to teleport is another. This man can even grow in size, which frightened Mario 318.