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He's a god, and the brother of Illuminati. He demolished Roxx for sending chaos. He's the leader of the Trolliverse, and tries to send peace. He is also the leader of a cult called IlluminaGee. He doesn't like to be seen. When Mario, Luigi, Squidward, and Brianna had seen him, he said to keep it a secret. He has the power to erase existence of people's lives, as he threatens to Roxx he was gonna do it to him. He is also a pal to Eyereez. He can also heal people.

Saving Trolliverse

A first major event Illumiweegee did on the Trolliverse, was to turn it into the right direction. He wanted to stop slavery as a debate for eternity in the universe. He sent his army mainly IlluminaGee against racist members known as KKK Members plus Mario 318. After defeating the KKK Members he sent IlluminaGee to find Mario 318.

Saving Trolliverse #2

During the meeting about the Trolliverse war against the Illuminati he got very annoyed everyone was doubting they will win. He made a speech to respond to it all. But he first told everyone to shut up.

"I am done hearing about this crap. Giving up that easily is not what I am about! Our universe has suffered many chaos, but each time we managed to have it dealt with. And you are all whining and complaining it has ended, when we have an army. What would be its purpose then damn it! Even if our universe isn't able to kill off this team, the Mushroomverse would gladly step in to help. We have an army that should not be underestimated. If we die, let's at least not give up trying, we never know the outcome of it. I have dealt with Roxx, he was an easy target. Our army continues to grow, while his slowly dies out".