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Icecream Man is an enemy of both Heroes and Villains. He is kind to those who like icecream. He hates AGK and gives him tons of viruses because of it. He also appears in people's dreams in the series. He is the king of viruses, and thinks of himself as the creator of everything.

Little Babies Icecream.png

There's one enemy in the series that is also an enemy to him, which is Arthur.exe. The reason being is because he copies him. He one time also bothered Leonard by giving him baby viruses. This however weirded out Jojo, and he left Leonard alone.


He went after AGK and Leonard after he found out they hate icecream. Leonidas was fine, because he saw him eat icecream. He first went after AGK, and the first time bothering him was in a dream. He for some reason cares less about really attacking Leonard.

Plan B

He decided to host a dream world, where AGK, Ronald, Kaeru, and Stanley Jones were trapped in. He first showed a clip from the movie sing to bother AGK. Arthur.exe had tried to take over, and stopped it. He made all 4 of them wake up in AGK's basement. He sort of let the dream play out til disasters. He had to kick out Kaeru, Ronald, Sanic, and Geemina.

I'm Watching You

He knows AGK and Roxx hate eachother. So he made a dreamworld for them to battle. Roxx won, and made AGK vanish. Second test was to see if Roxx knows his surroundings. Roxx got hit by a Bullet Bill, and lost too. Icecream Man also appears huge across the world he makes them battle on.

Universal Creator


Turns out he's the creator of the universes. He also proves that he watches everyone by telling AGK about Waluigi talking about Mega Mushrooms. He also exploded Arthur.exe with his imagination. It also turns out he's weak without technology. He always wanted to create 4 universes instead of 3, but Illuminati would stop him in time. After seeing Gavin destroy a universe, Icecream Man made sure these universes can't be destroyed.


He somehow is most wanted for $100,000. AWK found a poster of it in the woods. The reason why is never explained, however like said, he can watch everyone. Most likely, he also punishes people in AWK's town too, for the same reason he attacks AGK. It seems though, he also attacks alone when bothering people in that town.


He's way more powerful than you can imagine. He trolled Mario and his friends by first appearing on Nicolas's TV. Then he faded the wall and became the wall along with Oogachaka Baby. He can grow gigantic in size, and his arms can move off his body and teleport. He has the ability to even cry ice. His arms were becoming a huge problem so Mario and Luigi had to literally break his fingers. They only broke 2.

He went back later to torture Luigi, first clapping his hands together to capture him. Next Luigi jumped onto his head, but he got stuck. So he was thrown. He threw two giant ice cubes onto Luigi, then slammed the second one on him again to silence his scream. He later slammed another ice cube onto Mario, and Mario got stuck on it. He was thrown across space.



The Body

The Arms

The Leg