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As seen on episode 2, AGK reacts to a weird video. It's from "". The video is a song about someone sitting down when they pee.


Dude 1: "I sit down when I pee. There's nothing that crazy about me. I'm just taking a wiz, mind your own biz. Why is everyone always staring at me?"

Dude 2: "Hey Bro, I Gotta Go, lemme through, I gotta go number 2"

Dude 1: "No can doo, I'm taking a pee. Sittin' on the loo, havin' a good long wee"

Dude 2: "Are you sitting down?

Dude 1: I'm sitting down!"

Dude 2: "And you're not making brown?"

Dude 1: I'm not making brown!"

Dude 2: "Are you making Iced Tea?"

Dude 1: "Just lemonade"

Dude 2: "But are you sitting down?"

Dude 1: "I'm sitting down!"

Dude 2: "Why don't you stand like a regular man? Then you can pee in a urinal can."

Dude 1: "If you really wanna know why I'm sitting strong, I just can't stand touching my dong"