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He is another lost brother of AGK. He is taller than Leonidas. He is wanted by Hitler and Krebs, so he had to hide in AGK's basement. While in the basement he also spotted Aaron. He saved Kaeru by pranking Hitler, and exploding the ground below his feet. It sent him flying up in the sky. Harry then laughs it off. He is not welcomed in the family because Harold hates him for hating Nazis. As payback, he stole his MLP collection. Since he is homeless, he tries to make money. The oddest way was to even try to make a bet with Dan.

Don't Even Try

He lives on AGK's roof, next to AGK's window as well. He heard the news about Keitel breaking in, so he got to pranking him. He threw a laptop at his arm, Bowling Balls, and threatened him with Whispering Squash. Harry spared him cause he ran off. Oddly as time went on, he got really large, and Jacob first noticed. AGK also welcomed him to his the house when Harold left for 26 hours.


When Scarlett went after Kaeru, he decided to get involved. He threw of course, a Bowling Ball. This damaged her head, and her brain was almost exposed. Thanks to Leorich throwing Perfect Balance blocks, they become useful as well. Even one saved Kaeru. He had to dodge alot of plasma attacks. He threw a bunch of items to use as distraction, then jump on top of her head. He told her "your brain is going", which is plan was to take it out or crush it. Sadly it failed, a laser blasted below his feet. Before trying anything else, Scarlett blasts another which cuts his arm off. He falls to the ground, his last words being "I know who you are". His arm was left for AGK to see, and he freaked out. He finally met Light Leopold in Heaven. The arm eventually failed away.