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Harold Slikk is the father of AGK, Leonard, Leonidas, Light Leopold, Leorich, Harry, and Jacob. He is very abusive and always threats to use the belt. He is a former Nazi, and worships Hitler and his commands. This results in a not so well relationship with the sons.

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He said in episode 12, if it wasn't illegal, he'd kill AGK. He is a brony (he likes MLP). He tells Leonard alot to pray to Hitler. He agrees he's fat. When he saw Aaron bullying Leonidas, he did nothing. He just told Leonidas to shut up or he'd slap him. Harold also had added only Nazi things to Leonard's computer. He is so obsessed with MLP that he has collections. They are often destroyed or stolen.



Harold Slikk Watches an Ad

Deleted Scene In Episode 26

←In this video, Harold Slikk was ←about to watch a video about Nazis. ←Then an ad about "killing ponies" ←comes on. It was never skipped, he ←watched the whole thing. The plot of ←the ad was Stevegee killing ponies ←for not getting hamburgers.


Because he was threatened by Fegelein in season 2, he pretends to be nice to AGK. It first started when he actually welcomed home his son, and told him there's leftover pizza. When Greg Heffley crashed a car, he couldn't be angry as much as he wanted to. Even when Icecream Man blared music in the house, he just told AGK he has a weird taste in music. To add onto the character change, he became a drunk father. He threw a bottle at Leonidas, which luckily it missed.



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