Guiyii The Mind Raper by tachin

He is the hypothetical son of Weegee. Booette had discovered him in a mirror. Weegee stared at the mirror for a bit, and then Guiyii appeared and popped out. He always wants people to agree with him, or he goes crazy. Weegee trapped him in the mirror because of it. After Weegee told him that, he just started to spin around. He has the power to explode things by touching them. He freed Malleo from his cage by exploding it. He also went after No Face, and exploded the hell out of him.

He is sort of a combo of Luigi and Aaron. He has a characteristic of Aaron too. He's a crackhead, cool, and hero. Weegee had to get Dan to babysit him. During the whole time, Guiyii kept talking about MLG. He wanted to destroy Andy for not agreeing with him about MLG. He is very crazy in school. He was expelled for attacking 3 teachers, one being Justin Bieber.

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