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He is a pretty annoying character when it comes to AGK. He likes to sing "Peanut Butter Jelly Time", and also dance over and over. He ended up making noise when AGK tried to be quiet, and as a result, Harold had heard it. AGK punched him 2 times because he wouldn't stop. The second time however, he punched him so far it hit Mario and killed him. He also distracted Mario from guarding AGK's house. He made Mario start to dance too.


Mario Dancing To KOTH Theme

Groovy Banana collabs with Mario (ft Squidward) Producer: Kaeru

He tried to get Crazy Dave to dance once, but Crazy Dave just demanded him to fix his toilet. He must really like the KOTH Theme, because he came around again when Michael Myers played it for distractions. He nearly dances to anything. He danced to a song called "Cowboy Gay Sex".

Mario in the mix