Imagine shows Batch Goomba helping the species.

Goombas are a species, and come in all different forms, sizes, etc. Most come in as seen on the image to the left. Batch Goomba for one happens to be different. For many years this species has suffered due to slavery. After 30 years however, everyone seems to have had enough. Anyone who hides Goombas is punished for it. Waluigi had hidden two, and as a result he was trapped and locked up. They also went to target Mario since he had 5. Sadly all of his died, most from war. Eventually Goombas had enough and went to fight for their lives against Galoombas. One Goomba used a stick to kill 3 of them. It seems as if the Goombas were winning, until Skodwarde interfered with the war attacking both sides. Once Mario and his buddies got into the war, it was over. All that really had to be done was kill the king, which was done.

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