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He is a Demi-God Fakegee. He was on Meegee's side in Meegee's Tournament. He had to fight AGK. He went into a Portal to his own world that warped him. No one could touch or fight him now, but he can punch AGK. AGK randomly raised a Bomb Keyboard, so when he went towards it, it warped him back. AGK then threw him and won. After losing, he just went to the future. He discovered things along with Weegee. Things discovered were, Simulation, Hell 2.0, Internet Realm, and Chronilius.

Success, But Not A Promise

It comes a time when people will finally snap, and this is what happened to him. As being fed up with the Simulation, he was ready to escape. He jumped right into Whis's Portal. He's even said "This Simulation is too much". He's also in defense of Gavin, cause he knows he's unstable due to this Simulation. And... He got out. He first met with Eggbert & Luigi, but they were arguing so he ignored. Eggbert thought he was Luigi's father. He also socked Owl for no reason, perhaps because Owl scared him. He lost his powers when he escaped too. Before he could get far, Zack Max caught him. Zack Max had informed the Eyeball to erase his mind. However, this didn't turn out right. He ended up getting his mind erased yes, but he also had his eyes cut out, which seems to have killed him. After he died, he was thrown right back into the Simulation on a random road. Scarlett noticed the body.

Chapter 2


Scarlett had actually turned him into a robot. His task was to revenge her, and kill Fire Mario. So he went to Linkin Park, and hid in a house to make weird noises. However, he also had to target Burgio. He had one interesting power, which is to pick up people with his mind. Didn't end well cause Fire Mario used a Power Blast. But he was ahead of the game, and used Burgio to drop and knock out Fire Mario. Burgio did put up a good fight with him, but his fate of the battle was his religion. Giganeegee asked who was his god, and he replied he was a Christian. This got Giganeegee mad, and he even turned bright red on his face. Smoke was coming out of his head. He yelled a Power Blast, that hit Fire Mario, and killed him. He finished it off by using a Plasma Ball to erase him.

Fire Mario did a little damage to him on his legs

Front Sprite

His next target was oddly Xinny, and the reason it makes no sense is because Xinny isn't a target on Hitler's demands. Neither does Scarlett know Xinny exists. Regardless, he first attacks Merlylin, since she is a sidekick to Xinny, and she would jump in anytime to avoid Xinny from being killed. He takes care of her easily. Next, he tries to shoot Xinny, luckily failing because Xinny has instinct and dodges the bullet with his hand. Both Xinny and AGK battle him, with their instinct, however there's an issue with his powers as well.

Three of his major powers are Hakai, the ability for his arms to come off his body and attack, and the fact he can grow in size. The Hakai was the strongest of his attacks, and everyone battling him must dodge it at all costs. Luckily, Xinny and AGK do just enough of a strong blast to bounce one of his Hakai tricks back at him, and they win this battle.