He is a Demi-God Fakegee. He was on Meegee's side in Meegee's Tournament. He had to fight AGK. He went into a Portal to his own world that warped him. No one could touch or fight him now, but he can punch AGK. AGK randomly raised a Bomb Keyboard, so when he went towards it, it warped him back. AGK then threw him and won. After losing, he just went to the future. He discovered things along with Weegee. Things discovered were, Simulation, Hell 2.0, Internet Realm, and Chronilius.

Success, But Not A Promise

It comes a time when people will finally snap, and this is what happened to him. As being fed up with the Simulation, he was ready to escape. He jumped right into Whis's Portal. He's even said "This Simulation is too much". He's also in defense of Gavin, cause he knows he's unstable due to this Simulation.

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