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George is a chill character and listens to everyone patiencely. He works at a Liquor Store, and sells one of the finest kinds. He is not much of a fighter. He also sells mushrooms. He sold one to Herbert once.


One of his main powers is speed. He is able to enter the Trolliverse. He has a job there actually. His boss there is Капитан Альбер. He ended up selling alot of beers to Brianna in his other store. When Vomeo bothered him, he didn't fight. Instead Капитан Альбер had came in to fight Vomeo. He also sells the Drug Mushrooms. He also sold one to Jesse. He got real annoyed with Man, and in anger said there's nothing free in his store. He even threw a DVD at Man. When Man was killed, he didn't care at all.

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