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He is the assistant of Illumiweegee. He is able to glitch electricity and warp time. He also created the Twin Towers and United Gees Galaxy. He also by accident made Error Weegee from ash dust. He gave Mario, Luigi, Squidward, and Brianna more power than usual.

He ended up tracking Icecream Man & AGK. He went to visit AGK to talk to him about Icecream Man. He couldn't help AGK, but he gave him some words of wisdom you could say. Geemina believes Icecream Man is weak, and he's right about it. He sort of looks out for AGK, and knew about his bad dream and entered it. He also nuked Arthur.exe for messing with Kaeru.

He watches over Error Weegee. One time he had to defeat him along with, Aaron, Weegee, and IFML. Seems simple, but it proves the backup helpers are part of IlluminaGee.

Panic Not At The Disco!

Similar to Kanian, he was also a bit freaked out. He claimed such as the government "Layla" was even scared to attack Illuminati. His one flaw in this whole thing was saying Coldgee should be executed. Illumiweegee refused cause he did a good and bad thing at the same time.


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