Snapshot 601

He is an insanely tough villain. He killed over 12,743 people in the Trifixnityverse, but Giganeegee went to the past and claims he killed 13.4 trillion. He went after Dan, Stick Steve, Brianna, and Xinny. They all worked together but lost. Dan, Andy, Stick Steve, and Brianna were sent into portals to other universes. Xinny's arm was chopped off, and left to die. After awhile, Stick Steve and Dan went back to get revenge. They lost again. This time, Dan got a scar from this battle. Since Malleo sent Dan and Stick Steve back to Gavin, Gavin attacked him too. He knows about the Simulation, which made him the way he is.

One interesting power he has is to grow giant. He used it on Negative Mario.


Xinny had caught something else that was shocking to see. He saw Gavin attack Roxx, Vomeo, and Hector. They survived cause they pretended to be dead. Vomeo and Hector nearly had their eyes cut out.

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