Gary Brolsma

Gary Brolsma.png

Gary Brolsma? The Numa Numa Guy? Yessirie! He can sing any song in the series. He can talk but it's very, very, very rare. His head can explode and regrow if he wants to do that. He lives with Dan. He was one of the first characters in AGK Adventures, appearing in episode 1. He likes to troll sometimes. His voice is the same as Noah and Oliver's.

He likes Reeses Puffs and can't wait to get them. So to make Dan get them early he blares the rap song. He likes to sing Numa Numa, except sometimes too loud that Dan goes crazy. After Dan was fed up, he sent him with Andy. This was a good thing though because Gary Brolsma witnessed Andy being punched. He is taken care of by his bro Noah, or his friend Dan.

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