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He is an icecream man, and he loves to sell icecream. He likes to keep a smile, and travel his icecream truck on the road. Sometimes he sells icecream for free, because generally he does it for the goodness there is. He cared for Jr and Jr Jr, and even wanted them as his kids. He even remembered their favorite flavor of icecream.

His icecream truck is over powered. It can go at a pretty fast speed, which was used to beat Ronald McDonald's car. It even can slam into other cars. It even goes up hills, and can jump.

He is also good friends with Alice, so she gets free icecream with no charge. One night however, he was driving while drunk and almost ran her over. He was panicking about getting fired because he needed to come up with a commerical for Little Baby's Icecream, which was a company he worked at. Icecream Man manages to make a commerical for him and he is impressed.

After hearing the story of Icecream Man's escape he was shocked. He believed Opmin was a nice guy. He decides to adopt Icecream Man, and he becomes Icecream Man's new father.