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He seems to be very chill with Noah. He says useless things, that all have to do with the number 3. He is more of a background character. Number 4 is a bad number to him.


  • "If I was president, there will be no World War 3".
  • "Also, I set off 3 nuclear missiles".
  • "3 little pigs"
  • "3 blue birds"
  • "Oh no, the number 4"

Illuminati Theory

There is a theory which states he is apart of the Illuminati. Due to his favorite number being 3, it raises a red flag. Illuminati's favorite number is 3 and his team always talks about the number. Gaben does this too. When Icecream Man created the 3 universes, Illuminati always destroyed any more numbers of them. Gaben stated the number 4 is bad, which proves this theory even more.

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