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They actually made an error during it, where the H between S and C at the end, is not there.

This is a news channel AGK watches. Капитан Альбер appeared on it, and he explained how Kareeo defeated another villain. This channel airs around the whole planet Earth. The news channel was a bit off when Xinny went to watch it. Капитан Альбер was not there this time. George seemed to have taken over it this time, due to him being missing. Boris was also invited to talk on it. Boris was live at Linkin Park explaining what he needed to explain. He for one talked about Officer Ganson, and how he was corrupt, Trolliverse war, and Isabella gone missing.

Discussion of Roxx

George went back on the news to discuss new issues of the week. He told everyone someone shot down the city but no one knows who, but most speculate Officer Ganson. Roxx, Vomeo, and Evil Scientist all striked on a mall killing 3,000/30,000 people. There was also the discussion of Roxx finally be captured and detained by the police.


While George was doing his news discussing more about Joe Biden, he received a note from someone. He was meant to read the note. He reads it. The note states how Wario's cousin is Heterosexual and hates Jews. At the end it says "signed by Wario". This was Wario's payback and he wanted to prank George.