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Fegelein, can be your favorite character. He trolls Hitler, and does not listen to him at all even though he works for him. Walleo & Waweegee gave him the ability to teleport. He trolls Gunsche once. The way he did it was really odd. Since he could teleport, he didn't use it to save Harold right away. Yeah, instead he made Gunsche waist all his time on getting him. Since Hitler planned to head to Florida, Fegelein used most of the gas tank. He likes to call Hitler, Shitler.


On April Fools, he pranked 3 people. He pranked Hitler and Gunsche by actually drowning them for a bit. However, Gunsche was most likely set up on this prank and pretended the door was locked. He pranked Jodi by stopping his livestream. He pranked Krebs by using a Mini Mushroom. He protects his pal Morshu. He trolled Man with a Mini Mushroom, and then kicked him away.

I'm No Nazi

When he was seen in public, Bullet Bill calls him out for being a Nazi. He states he is a Nazi for one reason. To mess with Hitler and Germany. He is not lying either considering his large amount of trolls, and how he never shows evil intensions.


He finally met AGK. Instead of attacking or killing, he just spent time with him. He showed AGK neat pranks. He told AGK about Hitler's target list. He plans to spend time with each target. He told AGK if Harold starts problems, to give him a call.

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