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He works Behind The Dream Realm. As obvious as it is, he's an Eyeball. His father is Eyereez. He stands out as having a sky blue iris on the eyeball. He brought AGK to him to bring back Siren Head. Somehow, AGK wiped Siren Head from existence. He's seen as corrupt, the reason being is he's also a worker of the Simulation. Before he worked for Zack Max though, he worked for Bo78. He can watch dreams, and nightmares, but also has the power to stop them. So why didn't he stop nightmares? Cause he lets them take course no matter how dangerous they may seem. Giganeegee has also seen him in his dreams. He was mad at him for revealing too many secrets.


He was on a mission to erasing minds, and a list showed AGK, Giganeegee, Mario, Waluigi, Weegee, and Noah. Mission was already failing from the start, thanks to Noah. However he did manage to win against Giganeegee. Zack Max commanded him to erase his mind. He gave Giganeegee a nightmare before waking up to meet him again. He did follow the rules, but also broke them. He said he wanted to add fun to erasing minds, which was to cut out Giganeegee's eyes.