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Error Malleo is the brother of Error Weegee. He has pretty much the same as him. He named the Dan clones "Fakans"

Error Malleo-0.png

He can be considered more of a problem than Error Weegee mainly because of that Clone Gun. Also unlike his brother, he didn't sell his soul. This means no one leads him. He also didn't help Error Weegee against Weegee & Aaron. All he wondered was if it succeeded. It's confirmed he doesn't like the Illuminati. He said weird things about him to Error Weegee.

"Don't ever trust, they may betray it".
"The Illuminati could be using you".


After No Face got AGK in his basement, AGK met him. It was unknown why he wanted to kill AGK. When AGK tried to run away, he grabbed him with the force of gravity and pulled him. He tried to choke him. He told him not to panic, since it's painless. Harry came in to save him. He dropped a Bowling Ball, but oddly it did nothing to him. TGWMHH came in to punch him as well, and that took care of him.