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Image shows Luigi, Stuffwell, and Mario.

The dreamrooms is one of the strangest places located in Simulation 3.0. It's the safest place in that simulation actually. It's an infinite place with rooms, hallways, stairs, photos, and alot of quotes. Quotes are usually by people who have lived there and wanna keep a memory of their existence there. Often times there was images of Skodwarde. Each door has this weird press E to open which is for cripples or paralyzed people.

At floor 52, is when they had to rescue Mama Luigi. He had many friends there he had to say goodbye too. He lived in a small apartment. In his room showed two people on a frame which perhaps are his friends. Sometimes there are clocks on some floors. To escape this place you must stare at one. Things will become trippy for a bit.

Floor 9

At floor 9, a TV is randomly in a spot and every few moments says something weird. "You won't get out of here. You need to go further. You'll have a chance to get into the future. Tell them where they found you". At the side of the TV near a wall is another image of Skodwarde and Spongebob as well. Indicating Spongebob most likely isn't a good person. Eyepatch Weegee can confirm this theory further because he ended up looking for him.

Floor 10

This floor shows a random bathtub in the area. Old Man Jenkins wanted to take a bath in there. It's a weird floor that's about it.

Floor 19

Not much of a difference but the floor shows binary code, number 1 and 0 over and over.

Floor 44

There's now water floating in the place.

Floor 50

Snow now floods the area. It comes out of the ceiling. This keeps going for floor 51 and floor 52 as well.