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He likes to be in a suit. He's also always caring his gun around. He doesn't like demons. He even mocks them. He also considers Sonic.exe one, and said to kill him like a pest. During the battle with Sonic.exe, he needed help with AGK. They both traveled on Gravity Blocks above the city. He just kept on shooting Sonic.exe, and a success it was. It was so much, Sonic.exe used a portal as a shield. Only to be stopped by AGK. To finish him off, he shot a cloud that shocked Sonic.exe to death.

His opinion on evil is a bit more straight forward, and understandable than most. He hates it with a passion and duties himself to take care of it if no one else does. In the Trolliverse war against KKK Members, he stated they do anything for the sake of evil before he massacred both.

Fortress of Doom

Snapshot 938.png

This is a location in space. It's where he lives. AGK used a Gravity Block to get to him.