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He was recreated by Negative Mario, and is a helper to continue his legacy just in case. He told him in his mind, to tell Sungee II it is time. He did end up convincing Sungee II to join them. Then he went after Meegee. Since he has good vision, he could see Meegee through the cabin eavesdropping.


It's confirmed he is indeed a clone of Mario from another reality. 25 more versions of him existed in other realities. He wants to conquer all realities and become God. He took thousands if not millions of clones from people such as Mario or Luigi and made them slaves. He has no chill and nothing really scares him unless he's stunned by someone's power. He killed himself from the future to prove he is not playing around.

Argent Fire Blast

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This power is only owned by him. It's much stronger than Kama Blast. He used it on Weegee & Meegee, and they were burnt to a crisp.

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