Snapshot 300

He likes to dance, and is a pal of Stick Steve. He gets rid of one of Obunga's lives. When he dances, he turns into a giant. Obunga came back and threw a giant onion at him. It was very heavy he couldn't get up. Stick Steve used a Plasma Ball to destroy the onion. Then Dancing Jigsaw wasted another one of Obunga's lives. He also saved Freddie Mercury, AGK, and Kaeru from Herbert and is confused how. He didn't go to Meegee's Tournament. He said he sucked at fighting. However, he 1 hit demolished Obunga once, so this could be a lie.


He used to put bad people in traps. He stopped after realizing it was too far. He told all this to Michael Myers. He now gave Michael Myers his job, except with a sort of difference. He is a clone of Zack Max, and is extremely powerful. He got stuck in the Simulation. He lied to Weegee and said "I suck ass at fighting". He lied because of his power. He couldn't join in on Meegee's Tournament.


Snapshot 259
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