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Dan is one of AGK's best friends. He wears a scarf to hide his mouth and chin, and has a scar across his eye from an old battle. The scar never healed. This can only theorize why wears something to cover his mouth and chin. He always keeps a gun next to him just in case of emergency. That's why we always see the gun he pulls out on enemies already prepared. He is also pretty helping for Weegee.

In (real) episode 1 season 1 AGK Adventures, he didn't have a scar. He came back on episode 6, season 1, and then there it was. He also wears gloves always. Dan also has a short temper. One time AGK told him to be quiet because Jojo was near, and Dan yelled "don't shush me". He also got angry that Andy wouldn't shut up.

He often deals with Andy's annoying behavior all the time. He discovered gold existed buried in land near an old man's house deep in the woods. He wanted to get that gold. The issue is it was so close to that house and the old man slept there. Andy would make noises to bother Dan on purpose and it could wake the old man up.

But then he realized he never needed the gold. He was already rich, so the gold was completely useless. He wonders what to do with the gold, if he should donate it or keep it. Before he was able to decide, the gold transforms into something. Gold Goomba is alive again. The gold was pieces of his body.

Weird Fact: He thinks Francis is better than Jesse.


He helped AGK with 2 major enemies: Icecream Man & Jojo. He shot them both. He also had to one time break up an argument with AGK and Leonard, as he claimed Jojo was still in the house.

He is very rich, as he gives 10K to Andy like it ain't even a problem. His scar no longer is on his face after episode 23, as it's healed by Ashley. He also looks out for Andy, and stopped Guiyii from killing him.

Character Development

In AGK Adventures season 1, he was known to be sort of depressed. He had a scar, and would talk in a sad way. Perhaps mainly due to Gavin messing with everything. In season 2, he sort of changed character. He became much more rude. He insulted Herbert for being old. Things began to change in (S02E04), as he tried to chill down his anger. While at it, he theorized Brianna was dead, so he started to date Ivy. While anger was chilled down, he's still rude and doesn't give much of a damn. Merlylin wanted to impress Dan with her costume and Dan barely cared about it.