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Crazy Past is the first episode of Season 1 of The Walking Dead of Life. It is, chronologically, the first episode and the beginning of the AGK Adventures Franchise in general.

Chronologically, it saw the first appearances of characters that appeared often later in the Franchise, which are Crazy Dave, Waluigi, Mario, and Blue. It also is the first episode overall to take place in the Real World (or, rather, what can be regarded as Zack's realm).


Waluigi is scammed, and Crazy Dave must make the biggest choice of his life.


(#1) Introduction

Crazy Dave, with his podium.

In the Dump House, Crazy Dave introduces himself. He uses Jenga Blocks for a podium, as if he's speaking to the viewer. He says that he is currently in a "homeless house," as confusing as it may sound. The Dump House is noticeably laden with some trash hanging around. He says he used to be from the game "Plants vs. Zombies", but now he is in the Real World, stuck in the Dump House. His old house burnt down, and his time machine got robbed by a bunch of vegans. He decides to explain why he ended up in the Dump House in the first place.

(#2) Real Estate

Instead of Crazy Dave talking, a scene from the past plays. Blue and Waluigi were walking to the Dump House. It seemed as though they were walking long, as Waluigi's legs were starting to hurt. It turns out that Blue was being a real estate agent, and Waluigi paid for a house. However, Waluigi noticed that it looks like a dump, hence the house's name. Blue claimed that it was a 5-star house "and all of the above." Waluigi conjected that the reviews were botted, but Blue ignored this. Suddenly, Crazy Dave came up to Waluigi, saying that his house burnt down. This gave Blue an idea to give Crazy Dave a house, too. Blue then once again asserted that the Dump House is rated 5 stars by claiming that he will give Crazy Dave a 4.5-star house. However, Crazy Dave then had a plan to show Blue what his original house looked like, and then it could be recreated. Turned out that Crazy Dave had a lot of money, as he said he could pay for it.

Mario, Crazy Dave, Waluigi, and Blue outside the Dump House

Blue then said that recreating a house costs a million dollars. Crazy Dave decided not to give his money away and take the other house. It turned out that the 4.5-star house costs 5 dollars. Blue claimed that around this place, people don't like to buy the houses here anymore, so that's why some are so cheap. Mario then entered the scene looking at the house, too, but Waluigi kicked him in the balls because his voice was annoying. This made Mario's voice deeper. Waluigi and Mario both thought the house looked like a dump, so Mario kicked Waluigi in the balls to show what else they have in common. Crazy Dave said to stop with the ball-kicking, and warned Mario not to kick him in the balls. With that out of the way, Blue said that whoever walks into the house first gets to own the house. However, this would've violated Waluigi because he was the one who paid for the house in the first place, so once Blue got reminded of that, he changed his mind. Waluigi and Crazy Dave both decide to check the Dump House out together. However, Mario wanted Waluigi to kick him in the balls first, and Waluigi did so, presumably turning Mario's voice back to normal. When Crazy Dave went in, he wondered why there was so much wood laying around, possibly referring to the Jenga Blocks. Waluigi was the second person to come in. Before Mario could decide for himself, Blue threw him in the Dump House. Then, Blue got out of there. He wanted to run away as soon as possible, since he succeeded at getting their money. This action alone suggested that it was a scam...

(#3) Scammed

Waluigi, about to freak out that he got scammed out of his money.

It turned out that two people were already living in the Dump House, and they were the Tough Red Brothers. They were talking about how one of them was afraid that he used to have a crush on Miley Cyrus. Mario then noticed them, asking "who are you people?" Mario then said to Waluigi that he might as well kick him again, and he did, this time in the ass. Then, Crazy Dave and Waluigi were confused about two people already living in the house. They saw that it looked like a dump on the inside, too. They conjected that the Tough Red Brothers rated the house 5 stars, but the brothers say they only rate things on Yelp and Tinder.

Waluigi said to the Tinder guy that it's messed up how he probably calls people ugly there. The brother said that he has the right to because he goes there to just have intercourse with people. Then, everyone agreed that Waluigi would probably be rated 1 star, with his nose being judged. Moving on, Crazy Dave said that Waluigi got scammed. Turns out, the Tough Red Brothers didn't have to pay for the house at all. They didn't even own the house, as this is a homeless shelter. Then, a zombie named Bright Yeti came in, being really annoyed that there is no bathroom. Instead, he was using the boxes up there, so the house stunk a bit. Waluigi then freaked out. Turned out that he rented all his money into the Dump House, and now he was seemingly stuck with it, until…

(#4) Generosity

Crazy Dave's generosity.

Crazy Dave then claimed that he was freaking out over nothing. Mario then got up, saying "geez" at the freak-out. Waluigi then got startled and punched Mario. Crazy Dave said that he can take the house, and that it's not the worst thing he had to deal with. He then revealed that he had a wife, and they got divorced. Her new husband was the one who burnt Crazy Dave's house down. Crazy Dave wanted to have a bunch of people back in this Dump House, but Bright Yeti stated that he does not like him and left the house. The Tough Red Brothers said that they are chillin'. When one of them mentioned that they can judge people on Tinder together, Crazy Dave betted that his ex-wife is on there sleeping with random guys. Waluigi then was surprised that she and Crazy Dave married for five years in the first place, considering that she slept with 8 people before him.

Crazy Dave also said that he wanted to give Waluigi his money as a jumpstart. Crazy Dave then left the house to get something. Waluigi asked Mario where he was going. Mario said he was probably going to get his car. This surprised Waluigi, then Mario explained further. Crazy Dave's time machine was also a car. It got sold by his ex-wife, and then it got destroyed, probably because of her or the vegans that Crazy Dave mentioned. However, Crazy Dave had a car before he got the time machine, and that is what Crazy Dave was getting. Mario told Waluigi to be grateful, because Waluigi thought he was getting the car, too. However, this was actually true. Waluigi and Mario joked about the car looking like crap at first, and then after that, they said it looks good. Crazy Dave then let Waluigi take the car, for him to either sell it or keep it for driving to work. Mario then left to go jack off.

(#5) Abandoned

Crazy Dave, after getting abandoned.

The Tough Red Brothers were talking about Miley Cyrus again, and then Crazy Dave walked into the house. There was an awkward silence. They wondered what to do next, now that Crazy Dave technically owns the house. One of the brothers decided to go strip for money, and the other decided to buy food at the grocery store. However, they said they weren't coming back for Crazy Dave. It turned out that they were ready to move to a mansion, as well as to get a Lamborghini. They collected a total of 50 million dollars, and they weren't about to give any of it to an old man like Crazy Dave. So, they abandoned him there, and bragged about their success on Instagram. Then, it cuts back to Crazy Dave talking. He said that for two years, he lived in this house all alone, sad and depressed. And after six more years, he's still living here.

However, every once in a while, he gets a couple of friends to party. He has also been collecting some money for himself. So far, he got 10,000 dollars. He wants to do what the Tough Red Brothers did. They are actually banned from his house, in fact. The brothers almost burned down the house, but luckily, Crazy Dave had water to stop it. He then complains that he barely has drinks and food here, and worst of all, there is an entity named Future Dave who bothers him every week. Strangely, Future Dave is in Crazy Dave's head, yet he is real. He also says that the doorbell can be creepy at night, when you're alone. Speaking of that, Mario rang the doorbell. He asks Crazy Dave if he's still his favorite Mario clone, but it turns out that Lego Mario has taken that place instead. Mario then says "screw you, you little turd!" It's all he wanted to ask, and now Mario hates him.

(#6) Guess Who?

Crazy Dave, confronted by the Zombies.

Crazy Dave has gotten enough money to buy a TV, and so he did. He watches some Markiplier. During this time, Zombies stalk him. They found out where he lives. They are still on to him about eating his brains, and they are going to attack tomorrow. The three Zombies tell Crazy Dave this, and then they go away. Crazy Dave then decides to call the Zombie Slashers…



  • The Jenga Blocks are not shown to be alive yet, though they can be credited as part of the cast due to the fact that they can be alive.
  • Blue is most likely a scammer that doesn't work in a legit real estate agency. There is plenty of evidence that points to this.
  • In the flashback, Mario and Waluigi seem to rival each other, but they could talk to each other if they wanted to.
  • The details about Crazy Dave's time machine aren't exactly clear. His ex-wife either destroyed it and sold it, or sold it and destroyed it. Crazy Dave also said that it got robbed by a bunch of vegans, and that he doesn't know why.
  • Crazy Dave mentioned something about him still having all of the plants. It is likely that they are in the Real World, too.