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He is an old pal of AGK and Waluigi. He is perhaps the nicest character in the series and uses manners. He also owns 2 houses. He lives in Florida. He can be a bit crazy though. His toilet clogs alot. He believes the toilets are always clogged because of Zomboss. He also knows everything about Whispering Squash. To prove he's crazy, he was claimed a computer was Bomb Nut.

He is also very rich as he gave 1 million dollars to Wall Nut like it was nothing. Due to Zomboss, Fire Mario & Lego Mario must live with him for a bit. It seems he might have gotten the money from a rap song he did awhile back, Luigi was caught watching it by Mario. Most likely, Disco Zombie was thinking of the idea, because he was also in the studio. Whispering Squash was also there and had a gold chain. However, he was already rich in the beginning, so he got rich a second time. The reason he lost all his money one time and went poor, is because he is a caring friend. Years and years ago, he gave the money to Waluigi, after Waluigi got scammed of a Dump House. His life started to go downhill, and he even mentioned his divorce. Her new husband even burnt the house down.

He also said to have a time machine which was a car. His ex-wife however destroyed it and sold it. Luckily he had another car. At first Mario and Waluigi made fun of the car, but they then admitted they liked it. It was some kinda joke basically. The car was given to Waluigi, and he could do whatever he now wants with it. He lived there for so long, he got used to it. He been trying to collect enough money, and at one point got $10K. He's basically homeless but with a house.

Powerful Hero

It turns out he's extremely powerful. He knows almost all powers and how they work. He showed AGK how powers work. He was stunned by the Bomb Keyboard. He never saw the power before. He showed AGK his powers, but he stated someone else needs to take on his legacy on fighting due to him being very old. He realized AGK had some interesting potential. After the death of Lucas, he stated he'd train him until villains fear him.