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Like Linkin Park, it's an abandoned city. Heck, this city is right next to it. This city has no alive people at all. Nicolas used to live there. AGK, Waluigi, Lego Mario, and Fire Mario entered this place, because the zombie lair is there. It's also the first time where Angry Sun used his "Shine Bright" attack. Diggy kidnapped Robert Loggia in this place too. The numbers in the name are a code in the zombie lair. After the battle in the lair, Disco Zombie is the last remaining in that city.

This city never has any sunlight, and even a supernova failed to brighten it up enough. However, time of day and night still exists. After awhile Disco Zombie came leader of this city, and two new citizens came to the city. Michael Rosen and Brian Rosen were so excited to be here.


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