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Captain Cringe is one of the cast members of the series. He makes songs, edits shorts, and voice acts a few characters. One example is No Face. He uses a high or low voice for him. He thought of the idea of Red Weegee. For some voices, he uses accents. He kind of sounded like meatwad when voicing Blue. He's also the creator of "The Tale of AWK". Unfortunately and sadly after a very bizarre drama, he no longer is friends with Zack Max and pitches in.

Videos He's Helped With

Mario vs Error Weegee

Mario vs Error Weegee 2

Episode 14 - What In The World?

Episode 21 - Perfect I Guess

Weegee's Video

Leonidas Slikk's weird dream

Episode 30 - Grand Finale of Angry Sun

(S02E01) - Home Sweet Home

(S02E03) - Evil Never Sleeps

(S02E04) - Imma Weegee, Number One

(S02E05) - Obunga Your Dunga

(S02E06) - The Past Catches Up

(S02E07) - Something is Off

(S02E08) - He rather have a Buffalo

The Legend of Blippi

(S02E11) - What The Fudge?


Officer Ganson

No Face



King Pig

Tall Nut