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Bomb Nut is the brother of Wall Nut. He can explode anytime he wants too. He sold himself to Morshu, to be sold again to the military. Wall Nut, as a caring brother took him out of it. After AGK asked Wall Nut to watch his brother Leonidas, Wall Nut asked AGK to watch his brother Bomb Nut. He got to witness Leonard's crazy pranks, and helped Leorich explode Leonard's box. On his birthday, he got to go to Minnie's Diner. Wall Nut got him a Bic Mac, and he was pretty mad about it. Wall Nut told him to be grateful.

This is his Halloween costume. He is a Jewish Police man.

There is a reason he's called the Bomb Nut. It's because he can literally explode. His explosion is extremely strong. In AGK Adventures (S02E15), he exploded Scarlett. Scarlett's whole entire robotic body was burnt to black. She was blasted away.