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Zack Max Zack Max 16 April

AGK Adventures Is Back in Action!

New images have been spoiled for (S02E14). After finally almost 2 years of season 2 being discontinued, AGK Adventures has returned. People waited for episode 13 and it was finally delivered. But now everyone wonders, what's episode 14 gonna be about. Four images spoil what could it be. First image is AGK and Jake Randolf chilling, when AGK suddenly notices an unknown entity. The second image showcases Dan Mandel pumping his car. Third image is of a realitive to Merlylin. Four image is the return of Mecha Luigi. After his attack on Scarlett, he now targets AGK.

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Zack Max Zack Max 6 September 2020

S02E10 is awhile away...

An image of spoilers was released for S02E10. As shown, there are 4 interesting images. We can only predict what they are supposed to mean. First image shows AGK, Giganeegee, and Waluigi riding a Gravity Block on an ocean or sea. Possibly, Giganeegee has had a crazy thought, and they are traveling to what he told them about. Second image is easy to detect, it's Wall Nut and Bomb Nut eating different burgers. Third shows Krebs fighting Captain Albert, but Krebs survived an explosion. Final image is very interesting. It makes 0 sense. It shows an eyeball, AGK, and 2 Morshus. Perhaps, AGK is watching Morshu's own show with an eyeball.

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Zack Max Zack Max 12 March 2020

Pick a Character?

Ok so there's so many characters in this series so far within just Season 1. There's not enough chance for most to appear in the series. Now I'm gonna list characters you can't comment that you want lol.







Error Weegee


Lebron James

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Zack Max Zack Max 29 February 2020

Top 5 Tough Characters? As of Now!

This is a simple list of top 5 tough characters!

Number 1,  Error Weegee. This character is a villain. He can destroy or explode anything with his mind. He can warp time and punch you through a portal. He can teleport through powers as well. He was so hard to beat, that AGK, Weegee, and Aaron had to work together. We only seen him in 1 episode as of now.

Number 2, The Whispering Squash. This character already has 2 forms too. It can squash any characters. Literally that's its main attack. That's all it does. It's pretty powerful.

Number 3, Lebron James. Lebron James was a once worker for Hitler, but just used him to reach his 3rd and final form. So far in the series, he has the most forms. His first form is weak and is only able to teleport …

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