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He is wanted by Hitler. He was framed as a Nazi, and now everyone hates and harass him. Leonidas had a crazy nightmare about him. Blippi explained the truth to AGK and Leonidas, and they were left confused. He also appeared on the Ey Blippi thing. As seen on the image, it shows he's a Nazi. However, like said he isn't. He also heard the Ey Blippi being blared near Ronald's house, and he said "stop mocking me". He also heard AGK & Ronald beat up Leonard.


He was chased by Scarlett. He was sent to Jailie. This gave a good idea to Icecream Man. Oddly, if Blippi dies, his music video doesn't play. Icecream Man made AGK freak out that he was dead. Although he is dead, he now chills in Heaven. He also tells AGK in his dream, there is a robot doing this killing spree. He's actually happy in Heaven, and had a party.


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