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He is a crazy old man born in 1717. He lives in Eggbert's reality. He can sometimes have no feelings for people. He exposed Owl, Eggbert, Luigi, and Wario's secrets on a "Top 10 Facts" video. Even after Luigi got mad, he just punched him and ignored it happening right after.


  • Fun Fact: He's an enemy of Mr Clean
  • Fun Fact 2: He likes hotpockets & poptarts

With fun fact 2 though, he was said to be a lazy bum, and make people get it for him. It was proved more since he woke up Luigi just so he could give him a poptart. He can't be killed, even after his head was cut off, he survived and talked. He also bothered Owl just to go to the store for poptarts. He's so selfish that when Owl was socked, he just bothered him for poptarts.