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She is the daughter of Weegee. She is also a sort of scientist & prankster. Science is sort of her power. Malleo volunteered to be experimented, so she pulled out a weird object. She told Malleo to step on it, and it exploded. Malleo then pulled out a gun, and wanted to shoot her, but Weegee came in to stop that. Ashley likes to look at the stars, but there's chances it will be cloudy. Weegee also introduced her to AGK & Dan. She healed Dan's scar, and helped AGK and Ronald by ruining Leonard's plan. AGK had to keep her at his house for a bit. She also has a crush on AGK. She left him a note.

Ashley Redesign

The Note:

"I won't say much since I'm shy, but dinner tomorrow? Your Friend Ashley

She got to go on a date with him, and it went well. She then introduced AGK to her other friends, Olivia and Emma.