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He is a robot created by the KKK Members. He is pretty tough, but the issue is he's slow. His arrows stab through. At one point in the Trolliverse war against slavery, Weegee and Sean Turner blast bullets and even throw their guns at him, and he takes no damage. Fire Mario took care of him sending a giant blast that sent split him apart. His arm went flying and sliced a KKK member in half.


It seems he was rebuilt but also not able to live though. Basically he's a statue or model. Luigi kept it in his closet. Squidward discovered it and searched to see what was up. Out of the blue, it was faster moving, and grabbed a block and threw it at Squidward and Amberhead Zombie. What seems to kill this thing is powerful blasts. Mario ends it again by powering a giant Poof Ball, which knocks the body off the legs.