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He is always angry. He wants chaos and everyone dead. He tried to kill Waluigi and his pals. In episode 16, he nearly did actually. Except they all just landed on Mars. He is an absolute troll and he got his way out of Waluigi strongest attack. His weakness is water. He somehow survived a Weegee virus. He gotten a new attack called "Shine Bright". It is much hotter, becomes a slight shield, and sends waves of attacks. The wave attack hit Waluigi and Fire Mario. He doesn't like to see people happy, it makes him sick. Fire gives him the power to grow in any form.

Last Day Edit

He wanted revenge on Mario and Waluigi. Turns out, they burned him in lava. His plans sort of failed, and was killed by AGK when he hit him with a Heavy Block. He exploded a supernova, and then woke up in Hell to meet Eyereez.

Forms Edit

Depressed Sun

Standing Sun

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