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Andy is the brother of Dan. He is the most annoying character because he never shuts up, and has too many stories to tell. He wears glasses and same shoes as his brother. He doesn't like MLG.

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This character is usually more happy than his brother, because he doesn't know what most emotions are. Maybe it explains he never stops bothering people. His crush is Tailsko, but possibly she doesn't like him. He also lied to her, and said he works at Wikipedia. Even though he's annoying, Dan still cares for him. When Andy asked for 5 dollars, Dan instead gave him 10K. He doesn't like Noah. He calls him fat too.

Shut Up

He kept talking about fat people to Dan, and making Dan go insane. It's so annoying and frustrating, that Dan never noticed Xinny told him something. He'll basically bother anyone. He even told Merlylin a weird story about his uncle's great grandfather on how he pees blood, and a monkey he owns that he spanks.