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Aaron is a crazy-head, looks like an alien but isn't. He is powerful, and is fireproof. When he teleports, he sometimes explodes a trace of fire. He has no voice, rather he steals people's voices and uses them instead. This is an odd character, and has no last name. His best friend is Weegee. He hides in AGK's basement.

He is the brother of Roger Eric, but unfortunately he separated from him for thousands of years. When Roger Eric collasped the ceiling in an Adoption Center, the rocks launched at him, sending him out of the Adoption Center first. Later he landed in a trashcan and was discovered by Weegee. So this is how Weegee becomes his father by adopting him.


He struggles to fight enemies. The first one to succeed very well was fighting Arthur.exe. He is able to talk with 2 mouths. He is also able to enter inside a 2D world which is in computers. He's done it once to mess with both AGK & Icecream Man. There was a time he bothered AGK. He kept following him in stores and singed the stutter part in "I'm a Scatman".


AGK asked him once to bother one of his brothers. He goes after Leonidas. He insults Leonidas too. However, he does extra by scaring Leonard like crazy. Although he can scare people, things can scare him too just as much. One example is a thunderstorm.


He was nearly killed off in the series by Error Weegee. His head was left on the ground watching the fight. He was dead with his eyes open. It's possible he was alive actually. After he died though, Ashley revived him with a 1-up.

Bye Son

It seems he soon had enough of Harold. As Harold was banging on a door, Aaron teleported to him, but he looked very angry. It was as if Aaron wanted to kill Harold. However, Aaron just stared at Harold. Harold started to throw fists and punched Aaron out the window. Weegee had noticed this event, and so now Aaron is no longer able to live with AGK. Weegee took him back with him.