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The series is about whacky things that happen and AGK and his buddies must stop it! The main character is AGK. His pals being Dan or even Weegee. The series has seasons, episodes, shorts, lost episodes, and lost/deleted clips. There's a cast, and the owner and worker of the series is Zack Max. The series started in 2018, and nearly ended cause of bad editing. It somewhat improved as time when on, the series continued after S01E03 after all. Captain Cringe went on his way to also create his own series, "The Tale of AWK". Which is the western version of Zack Max's series. On September 1st, 2020, is when "The Tale of AWK", came into place with this wiki. Eventually two more new series entered the franchise. One called The Walking Dead of Life (TWDOL), and Mario & Luigi Originations (ML&O). They are the origins of the main two series The Tale of AWK, and AGK Adventures.

A new series has now joined in being another side series like The Tale of AWK. What a side series means is it's next to and combined with every other series, but it does not have a time where it goes before or after another series. The new series is Squidward Adventures, which focuses alot more on other side characters from AGK Adventures. However, of course Squidward is the main side character of this series.

It's Leopold Slikk!

Season 2 is crazy